Solutions for High Performance in Higher Education

Assessment, Optimization and Student Experience are key verticals to present u-planners’ innovative solutions. These are based on our own Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, and have been designed for the continuous improvement of Higher Education Institutions, helping them to achieve student success and process optimization in their main strategy, as well as the incorporation of best practices for their digital transformation.


This vertical focuses on the academic area, as it contributes to the continuous improvement of the institutions curriculum and supports their coordination of documentation, optimizing and achieving results regarding the academic accreditation process.


A key vertical regarding the Higher Education Institutions optimization of resources. Through data analytics it can improve the planning process in the short, medium and long term, efficiently managing institutional growth while being aligned with the use of infrastructure and strategic decisions of its planned development.

Student Experience

Identifies desertion patterns and alert administration departments, therefore, they can prevent the increasing drop-out students. These thanks to an early warning that analyses data from the registration of the attendance to work and results obtain in classrooms.