La Segunda, August 2015: U-Planner’s educational solution conquers the world

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The algorithms developed by this young company supported by Fundación Chile optimize academic planning, benefiting students and lowering costs for institutions.

Education is one instance that can produce an exponential change in society in terms of economic development, equity, and social mobility.

It is in this context that U-Planner seeks to provoke a high impact on the coverage and quality of education by understanding how technological solutions can optimize processes in universities and educational institutions. Specifically, they incorporate engineering to education management in the areas of academic planning, student retention, and accreditation.

In the case of academic planning, they created an advanced algorithm that allows institutions, with just a few clicks, to estimate course demand as well as the distribution of rooms and teachers according to the number of students enrolled. With this approach, it helps make the process more efficient and fast, whereas before it was previously carried out manually.

“At the end of the day, we provide our customers with savings by simply optimizing and organizing to perfection the resources where they have a real demand,” says Juan Pablo Mena, CEO of U-Planner.

Created in 2012, up until this past year, the company focused on developing algorithms and products and they’ve now begun to bring them to market in 2015. “Today we are in the middle stage of global expansion, entering Latin and Anglo-Saxon markets,” says Mena.

Indeed, this year has been very intense for U-Planner. With tested products, they have focused on overall output and have signed partnerships with over 15 universities in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Australia, in addition to Chile.

In Australia they closed a contract with the University of Sydney to develop a new product called U-Improve that allows for curriculum management by skills and generates evidence of continuous improvement in terms of the accreditation of higher education institutions.

“Our goal this year is to grow in countries where we are already present, and also enter new markets. In the coming months we will be entering the rest of Latin America, Israel and the United States, “said Mena.

As such, U-Planner has enjoyed the support of Fundación Chile (FCh). Jamie Riggs, Director of Emprende FCh says that by this company is unprecedented in comparison to other B2B companies in Chile, as very few of them succeed.

“This is because U-Planner adds a great value to higher education institutions in the areas of planning, retention and accreditation. They are complementary to ERP and their work directly supports the most critical and strategic processes of institutions. Their slogan represents them well, as they’re making engineering for education, “he says.

FCh accelerating U-Planner’s development demonstrates that it is possible to create advanced and innovative solutions in Chile for large problems in key sectors such as higher education.

U-Planner’s educational solution conquers the world