About us

High Performance for Higher Education


Our mission is empowering Higher Education Institutions with innovative technological solutions that will allow them to achieve high performance in fulfilling their strategic plan. We are committed to making available solutions for students, academics and administrators that generate the conditions for a high quality experience.


Our vision is to be the main company chosen by educational institutions with the goal of achieving a high performance for higher education.

u-planner is a Latin American company providing technological solutions and research services, development and consulting for educational institutions. Their headquarter in Chile, and the company is present in a total of 16 countries to date.

Its vision is to empower Higher Education institutions with innovative technological solutions that allow them to reach high performance levels in compliance with their respective strategic plans. Their commitment is to provide solutions for students, academics and management, generating conditions that lead to a high quality experience. In order ensure that result, u-planner accompanies its clients throughout the digital transformation process to help them achieve their goals.

The multinational company Microsoft named u-planner a Global Partner of the Year 2017 in Education, for innovating to drive impact and insights for institutions to help students in classrooms of today to create the future of tomorrow. u-planner is the first Latin American company to be awarded Global Partner in education. Since 2015, the company has sought to improve education, incorporating concepts in Data Science such as Big Data and artificial intelligence, both of which optimize and improve on the educational system, leading to a better quality education for the students, and ultimately better results.

Our team


Juan Pablo Mena

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Guillermo Guerra

VP Sales & Marketing

Jorge Walters

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Isabel Sagenmüller Bórquez

Strategic Partnership Manager

Dominique Zamora

Finance Manager

Sebastián Ríos

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Lucia Gil

Sales Excellence Manager

León Montero

CPO - Chief Product Officer

Sebastián Flores

CDO - Chief Data Officer

Nicolás Rivas

Planning Manager

Andrea Lorenzini

HR Business Manager

Enrique Díaz

Success Manager

Daniela Romero

CMO- Chief Marketing Officer

Amilcar Escalante

Academic Director

Nicolás Elton

CBO - Chief Business Officer


Jamil Salmi

Board President

Oliver Alexander Flögel

Board Member

Hugo Covarrubias

Board Member

Wilibaldo Bravo

Board Member

José Pascual

Board Member