The Company

Founded in 2012 in Santiago, Chile, uPlanner is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of data-driven solutions for higher education. We currently have offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and the USA. We have completed projects in 16 countries with over 100 institutions and on 250 campuses, and we have had a direct impact on more than 2.5 million students.


To promote efficient management within education institutions by means of data-driven solutions that impact each and every member of the academic community and contribute substantially to the education of future professionals.


To become the EdTech company with the greatest impact on education globally by means of data-driven solutions.


  • Impact
  • Collaboration
  • Learning

We believe in the power of technology to impact positively on education, transforming people and societies. We are dedicated and passionate about what we do. We are committed to providing our clients with service excellence, results, and transparency in accordance with their goals and objectives, with a view to creating lasting relationships. 

We believe that teamwork and collaboration are essential to the growth of ideas and their evolution into successful actions with concrete results. We promote relationships with clients, partners and collaborators that encourage environments characterized by integrity, commitment and constant support to foster the achievement of medium- and long-term objectives. 

Innovation is our main driver. We work hard to become the best possible version of ourselves. As such, we promote continuous learning for our organization, our professionals, our clients, and our partners. 

Our History

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The Team

uPlanner has a team of more than 90 people, including education specialists, data scientists, and professionals from a variety of specialisms, many of whom have over 20 years of experience in the area. The majority of our professionals are based in Chile, but we also have teams in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the USA, and other countries.

Executive Team

Juan Pablo Mena

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Civil Engineer from the Federico Santa María Technical University and MBA from the Adolfo Ibáñez University. 

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Jorge Walters

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Civil Engineer in computing from the University of Chile and Master in Business Technologies with ICT. 

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Mario Sanchez

CCO - Chief Commercial Officer


Bachelors, Political Science

Wilfrid Laurier University

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Sebastián Ríos

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Industrial Civil Engineer from Federico Santa María Technical University. 

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Lucia Gil

Commercial Manager


Social Communicator and Sales Excellence of the University of Buenos Aires 

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León Montero

CPO - Chief Product Officer

Industrial Civil Engineer and Master's Degree in Business Engineering from the University of Chile. 

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Sebastián Flores

CDO - Chief Data Officer

Civil Engineer from the U. Federico Santa María and Master in Computer Engineering and Mathematics from Stanford University. 

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Nicolás Rivas

uPlanning Manager

BA and Master degree in Physics from the University of Chile, PhD in Physics from the University of Twente. 

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Enrique Díaz

uExperience Manager

Industrial Civil Engineer from the University of Chile, with more than 11 years leading digital transformation projects for companies. 

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Andrea Lorenzini

HR Business Manager

Psychologist major and Master in Organizational Psychology from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. 

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Amilcar Escalante

Academic Director

PhD in Education, collaborating with universities and governments to improve Higher Education in Latin America. 

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Nicolás Elton

CBO - Chief Business Officer

Civil Engineer from Adolfo Ibáñez University, focused on promoting education and innovation ecosystems. 

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Mauricio Tarazona

Country Manager Colombia


Systems Engineer, MSc Computer Science, MBA and Esp IA. 

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Jamil Salmi

Board President

Global Tertiary Education Expert and consultant. 

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Virgilio Barco

Board Member


Latin America Director at Acumen and Managing Director      at ALIVE Ventures

Latin America Director at Acumen and Managing Director at ALIVE Ventures 

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Oliver Flögel

Board Member

Managing Partner at Scale Capital. 

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Hugo Covarrubias

Board Member

Business leader with experience in transnational companies. 

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Wilibaldo Bravo

Board Member

CEO at Miró. 

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Why uPlanner?

  • Because we are experts

    At uPlanner, we focus exclusively on Education Technologies (EdTech). We develop our own specialized software solutions for management of educational institutions, particularly in areas associated directly with the education process. We have vast experience working with higher education institutions of differing types and sizes, mainly in Latin America, but also in Australia, the USA, the UAE, and other parts of the world.

  • Because of our high-quality solutions

    First, because our solutions respond effectively to the real needs of educational institutions thanks to continuous improvement and the incorporation of our own learning into their design, along with the best international practices in higher education management. And second, because our solutions are stable and easy to use.

  • And… because we care

    Our ultimate motivation is to achieve real improvements to student education. In all of the work that we carry out with educational institutions, we seek to provide them with processes and tools with which they are able to achieve this goal more effectively.

How we work

Although each of uPlanner’s six specialized software solutions has its own installation and operation procedure, they all involve a common sequence of steps:

Work begins with a discussion between uPlanner and the educational institution’s teams in order to identify the problem or requirement and to define the scope of the solution to be provided by uPlanner.  

The standard version of each of our solutions has been designed to tackle a broad range of specific cases. If the institution has specific requirements that warrant additional development and personalization of the solution, these are defined in this step.  

uPlanner’s solutions permit the definition of a series of rules and other parameters in order to adapt their functionality to the individual characteristics and requirements of each institution.  

Typically, these parameters include the academic period to be managed, the profiles of those professionals who are permitted to authorize different phases of a process (e.g., curriculum design), the profiles of those users who are permitted to execute an action (e.g., book a laboratory), and so on. 

Our solutions are driven by each institution’s data. Hundreds of data types can be entered, including enrolment and failure statistics for different student cohorts, course sequences as defined by study plans, or lists and features of the sports facilities that can be booked and used by students. 

In this step, all of the data to be used by the uPlanner solution is loaded into the platform. Training is generally provided by our experts to ensure efficient data input and automation of processes where possible. 

Once the above steps have been completed, the uPlanner solution is ready for use. 

Some solutions (uBooking, uFaculty and uExperience) include two main operating environments: one for users (e.g., students can book facilities and equipment, teachers can propose their work plan for the coming semester, students can receive information regarding events to do with the courses on which they are enrolled, etc.) and one for administrators (the educational institution’s professional teams). 

With other solutions (uPlanning, uAssessment and uRetention), the users are those professionals who need to execute a certain task as part of the institution’s educational management. 

All of uPlanner’s solutions are able to generate useful data to improve different educational aspects of institutional management. This step involves the download and export of this data to other platforms, as required. Depending on the solution, this can be done at any point in time or at predefined intervals (e.g., at the end of an academic period).

Among the added value provided by our solutions is the provision of evidence to inform decision-making and action on the part of the institution. 

Data concerning real use of facilities and equipment (collected by uBooking) is key to guiding the planning of future infrastructure investments. Information regarding the dropout likelihood of each student (collected by uRetention) is essential for the design and execution of institutional measures to increase student retention. And so on across all of uPlanner’s solutions. 

Generally speaking, these steps are cyclical: following the implementation of development or investment plans and the completion of another academic period, the solution can provide new evidence to guide the next cycle of improvement.